The Best Propane Space Heaters – 2015


Whenever you are choosing a type of heat to use in your home, garage or on the patio, propane space heaters should definitely be something you should consider. I have used many types of propane space heaters over the years, mostly while working in the garage. A few years ago, we lost electricity in the winter and again the propane heater came too the rescue.

The good thing about these heaters is that they are relatively small and they can heat a rather large indoor area when they are positioned correctly. If you are purchasing a heater without a fan, you can place something like an oscillating fan in front of them, to disperse the heat.

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These heaters come in many different types and sizes. From temporary heaters that are small and fit on a tabletop to vent less wall heaters installed in the home permanently. No matter what it is that you are using for heat currently, propane space heaters can replace it completely and save you a considerable amount of money. Many times, these heaters are used to help heat a room that just always seems to be cool.

The Best Propane Space Heaters


Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater

  • Two heat settings: 4,000 & 9,000 BTU/HR
  • Fold-down handle reduces storage space
  • Four position control with built-in Piezo igniter off and lo/hi heat settings
  • High temperature wire guard
  • Swivel regulator for easy LP cylinder and hose installation
  • Large durable porcelain coated heating surface directs radiant heat over wider area
  • Low-oxygen safety shut-off (ODS) and tip-over safety shut-off
  • Ceramic burner tile mounted with shock absorbing insulation for durability and easy replacement

51MeNdw3nDLMr. Heater Portable Big Buddy Propane Heater

  • Swivel regulators and single control
  • Automatic low oxygen shutoff system
  • Accidental tip-over safety shutoff
  • Heats up to 400 square feet
  • Low, medium, and high heat level control knob for steady temperatures
  • Key-shaped rear mounting holes for wall mounting
  • Large four-position heat level control knob for controlling with gloved hands


Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy 3800-BTU Indoor Safe Propane Heater

  • Indoor-safe portable propane heater for rooms up to 100 square feet
  • Continuous odor-free heat for up to 5-1/2 hours; 45-degree heating angle
  • Simple on/off buttons; uses 1-pound disposable propane cylinder (not included)
  • Low-oxygen sensor and accidental tip-over switch with auto shut-off for safety
  • Measures 12 by 10-1/2 by 10-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty


Mr. Heater, MH30T Double Tank Top Outdoor Propane Heater

  • Portable heat
  • Efficient radiant heating
  • 1 year warranty
  • Quiet operation
  • Sturdy construction



Whether you have a room that just never seems to heat up, you have a small work space in the basement that never heats up, you need a warm work space in the garage or just want a backup in case of emergency, these propane space heaters will do the job for you!

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